Tuesday, 29 September 2009

GDP again

This story gets itself rather confused. My italics.

UK growth falls less than thought [UK growth falls less than thought would make sense only if growth was say 0.8% in Q1, then though to be 06% in Q2, but in fact was 0.7%. They really should say UK GDP falls less than thought, or if that is too technical, 'national income']

The rate of contraction of the UK economy in the three months from April to June has been reduced again. [this is right]

Gross domestic product (GDP) [growth] has been revised to a fall of 0.6% compared with the last quarter, up [you know what they mean here - up as in less of a decline - but it looks a little odd, I think 'better' is better] from the previous estimate of 0.7%.

The figures were revised upwards last month, from a 0.8% decline, according to the Office for National Statistics. [this is OK, but 'The figures have already been revised from a larger 0.8% decline' is better]

Many other countries, including Germany and Japan, emerged from recession in the second quarter [Again OK but perhaps 'saw positive growth in the second quarter' would be more accurate].

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